The imposed contracts and bribes of HIERARCHY

Translator – TANIILA

Editor – RIYE

This information was, in a varying degree, known for long but then we realised its global reach and saw in it one of the deep roots which supports an impasse on Earth preventing substances to be themselves and to expand their energies. So, let us go step by step.

Status is a kind of mental energy in spaces of this Universe, this is the mental energy which is located around a substance like a cover of different sizes and quality. Status possesses a protecting function and protects the substance from an amount of thought forms and different mental emanations which are more than enough in these spaces.

The size and quality of the status must correspond to the potential and volume of the substance and they should also have qualitative compliance with essence energies of the substance. Accordingly, status determines the mental potential of the substance and power of its creative thought. Of course, it is the ideal description – how it should be, and especially in Earth spaces it is in very different amounts and varieties, therefore I will explain it a little bit more.

This energy does have less connection with other energies of the substance because the mental energy itself is very movable and it appropriates outside the substance, it is a part of the status. In spaces of this Universe, status began to be used often in quality of “payment” because its energy can be separated easily. This is the reason why we have a lot of substances here with either too big statuses or too small which often does not correspond to its realistic potential.

When we speak about the coming of substances on Earth then certainly we know a lot of ways and occasion, everyone who is here has his own reason, way, why and how he or she gets to this space. In one of the consultations I paid attention to that fact which, for some reason, I lost sight of earlier. It’s not important how the substance would come to Earth, nor how long it’s karmic load would have been, how difficult it’s route would have been or even how many mistakes would have been done earlier. There is one simple yet important paramount fact which is fair for all!

Therefore, any substance that came for the first time on Earth does not have any karmic connections in these spaces and it has no reasons which would limit its freedom of choice of the scenario plan here which could limit its freedom in writing of the contract for the first embodiment and yet by experience, it is far from this

Having already sufficient experience with scenario plans of people and having analysed an immersion of substance, which becomes the person in the density of Earth, those subtleties through which the person acquires a huge number of destructive, horizontal communications. I saw then that this freedom of choice is boldly trampled, and it occurs not in some semi-legal organisations or incarnational councils, but it occurs in official structures which initially had to keep safety and order in these spaces.

Here, it is having quite the reverse effect in fact and what is occurring as a result are some very interesting things…  Awful scenario plans with an amount of limitations and different kinds of inconveniences are offered – at least.  Unbearable living conditions, surroundings & circumstances are offered to it. The fact, that the substance is free and can make choices is ignored but there is not any choice.

These awful scenario plans are offered to most of substances and I do not know any who were being offered something positive. We also remember very well the first incarnation of FENIX, the plan, which was offered created such conditions, in which it was impossible to expand the energies, but it was very difficult to keep them. We were then helped from Archangel Michael and for this reason we could prepare tolerable conditions for an embodiment and built the plan which was corresponding to our intentions.

Generally everything occurs not so cloudlessly. Substances are compelled to agree to the offered options and they hope for potential in which to try to apply the experience and knowledge in those spaces where their experience does not work, and the available knowledge cannot be useful to them for the survival, because scenario plans are twisted so that they do not have time to remember this knowledge, or they are compelled simply to bribe their energy to avoid wild living conditions. We will also talk about it below.

Now the contract or the plan, or what better sounds: as an agreement… (Yes, in other spaces of the Universe there are AGREEMENTS, of course, for visiting spaces) It is normal when the substance is notified about particularities of spaces where it is going to bring its energy when it has an instruction of a business or a tourist trip but in these spaces, especially in This Universe and on Earth, the substance is squeezed in scenario plans, the area and its ways of manifestation here are also somewhat limited initially.

It is the worst violation of Laws of the Universe and they are broken by the Hierarchy, those who must observe these Laws. I do not speak about all semi-legal systems of which, in general, is a complete outrage happening. It was not clear to me why such distortions were started and why all this is necessary, so there are a lot of reasons but one obviously being the main that we figured out.

This reason supports the power of Hierarchy in spaces of the Earth and its unshakable authority for many, initially the Hierarchy in that “original” form on Earth included substances with high vibrations, they had to keep order in these spaces and provide conditions for evolution of planetary beings but yet substances still kept arriving one after the other, moreover from different planets and systems and they had different vibrations created in different conditions and therefore it was necessary to introduce restrictions.

So, agreements became the contracts already containing obligations, however this resulted in more problems inherited by the Hierarchy since the time high-vibration substances started to arrive to Earth and in a large number.

They began to understand that they are in “crisis of authority” i.e. the Hierarchy did not have sufficient potential to manage high-vibration substances because the new ones sometimes, were much bigger, possessed more powerful potential and thus opportunities, so they could compete easily with Hierarchies in both influence and range.

The hierarchic power has got out of hand…  The Hierarchy has got a problem in the increasing of its own potential and so for this purpose it was necessary to cease to play “Gods” to reach the way of evolution and to move by way of development and knowledge. It meant to leave these spaces and to release a place for those who, at that time, possessed this sufficient potential but who also wants to change sharply, the habits and to become “the pupil from the teacher”

They made another decision, especially because they already became somewhat hooked on a “power needle”, as they constantly received energy of both honoring and praise from planetary beings which they did not want to part with, nor the power attained by this. Now unfortunately, the desire (or power) controlled them, rather than a desire to care about substances located in the spaces entrusted to them.

In the end the problem was solved in the simplest way: templates of contracts were prepared through which the substance was put on an embodiment in intolerable conditions. In this way, if the substance agreed to it (because of ignorance, self-confidence or inexperience) the harsh living conditions simply did not give it an opportunity to reach its full potential, to remember and to recognize itself, on the contrary these conditions contributed to horizontal communications and to even greater immersion into mindless, unconscious living. In that case the substance had no possibility to control itself or its energies and therefore they could be easily used by anyone who could and knew how to.

As the result the habit to control only a small part of its own energies and to share the perception of earthy plan, subsequently substances energies were formed. In that case the substance became easily controlled and dependent. In other cases when the substance disagreed with an advance failure and unprofitable contract, certain “exits” from such difficult situation were offered to it: for example, to “pay” better terms of the contract with its energies, especially because the mental energy of the status is rather mobile and can be easily separated from the substance(s) bodies, as well as causing the smallest disharmony in one who accepted it and placed it.

So, sale of contract began. And the substances put themselves in a dependence on those to whom they paid. Legal hierarchical system used the status as means of payment, in this way and by increasing their potential, substances feared to return it because they saw the terrible options of incarnations on Earth and were compelled to render this “tribute”. The fence of energy could proceed from incarnation to incarnation, each time lowering the mental potential of the incarnated person and immersing it in 3D reality even more.

What to tell about semi-legal and grey incarnational councils and systems! They were not over-modest and not only the status was picked up but also other energies of substance.

Excellent living conditions were offered but the sad fact was that in these circumstances substance stuck in these conditions; not less because without “creative potential” the person perceived de-luxe conditions as fresh and simply spent time on a compact plan of the Earth as wellbeing entangled in horizontal communications and not having opportunities to get out of them. For that reason, the situation on earth is that individual incarnated substances have much more potential than members of Hierarchy, but they often do not have the authority to turn and change these spaces. So, make conclusions!

It can be written a lot about that lawlessness that is created in these spaces, but this article is not at all to frighten you and drive within you in a hopelessness. This article is information for those who recognized themselves in these stories of “repayment of contracts” or in loss of head in 3D plans because of intolerable incarnation plans, only because they were not given a choice and were easily tricked.


Everyone can return their lost mental status or lost creative potential as well as the mental power back, simply by requiring the implementation of Laws of the Universe. Every being has the right to realize its creative potential so you can regain everything which was illegally taken away or what you gave away by yourself, not having experience in these spaces because you have had the right to enter these spaces on your terms and structure your plans for life in a manner which is consistent to your energy. Therefore, we return it back! We return all the energies which were taken away (don’t forget to filter them from dirt and other distortions!). We return them back and begin to think creatively and to use creatively, our mental status and to build our life with our energy.

All of those who recognized themselves as those who dissembled and took away the status of the substance, being in hierarchical system, you should return all that does not belong to you. Thereby you release to yourself, place for evolution and development and release yourself from numerous connections and give yourself the opportunity to see your true energies in that volume and quality, which is really yours. You get harmony in exchange for influence (though you already lost influence) and you will be able to clean up your energy and consciousness to spread and travel up to these home spaces from where you once went, down here. All mistakes can be corrected if you only want them too.

So how do you know if you are a victim or a hangman? It is very simple and yet complicated: to look inside you and to see the truth. To be honest with you and have a true desire to want to break free from the bonds, to get freedom. Everyone who is looking for themselves and their own truth will find it. Express the intention, do not be afraid to know the truth. The bitterness and pain from understanding mistakes will pass. You will correct these mistakes and get freedom, a true mental power, an ability to create and reflecting the force of your potential and the beauty of your vital energies. Spaces of Earth will become lighter and clearer. I wish you success on the way to yourself.

With love, FENNIX

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