Private consultation with FENNIX

A long time ago, when This World was young we, our single Soul, our the Presence, which can be called “I AM” manifesting in harmony and unity of two energies- male and female we were standing on the threshold of This World shining with the fiery energy of Unity and going to come down and bring Unity to the World which was ruled of separation energy in which separation already reigned.

Love is manifestation Unity inside of a being and returning to Integrity. This is union of two soul aspects as one and this is a search of oneself through spaces and times despite all limits of This World. The search starts by awakening, realization and understanding of past, activation of memory.

We can tell about that, because we went through that experience. We came down here in condition of integrity, went through separation, suffered from pain of loneliness, but restored integrity of our soul and recalled ourselves and our Home. Now we are the Holistic Being dwelling in human’s body.

We are a single Soul having two aspects – male and female. Male name is FENNIX and female one is FENIX.

Foundation energy of our Home World is Unity and we were like ambassadors of our Home bringing Unity energy by means of Love.

We invite everybody aspiring to wonderful and amazing journey to yourselves, to Integrity, to your true sounding, to your Unity and your Love. If you are ready to be honest with yourself, if you are ready to know truth about you, if you are ready to work and discover new sides of your being over and over it means you are coming our way.

We have that knowledge and experience that opened our way to each other, to Holistic Soul and we can help you. We are ready to give you a hand, to share our experience and also to move you forward to deepness of your soul, to understand and see your destiny.

If you have questions we will teach you to look for and find answers, if you have desire to do we will show you how. You are welcome!

So, we can work:

  • with memory, by its activation and returning of lost memory pieces
  • with restoring of integrity of soul by returning of aspects who were lost
  • with harmonization and union of male and female energy inside of a being
  • with holistic crystal and other informational structures of a human and a being


  • we can help and show you as you can part from egregors and get freedom from those limitation
  • we can do analysis real-life situations and help to perceive causes and effects of them
  • we help and teach to untie karmic part of deconstructive relationship, to understand causes of their appearing in your destiny and life
  • we help and teach to take out parasitic beings and invasive programs, strange energies, spaces and others “grey things” from your energy field and chakras.

We do all consultation by teaching way, because our goal to teach you an energy-informational work, such as restoring yourself and stopping nonconstructive influences, understanding causes and effects and do not confuse them, so that you learn to do it yourself and can go on your way consciously.

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