Our Way To The Earth. Part 2


We were newcomers in this World and we had to learn a lot and also learn to adapt, especially in this Universe.

Many souls who are now on the Earth are confused: how did they end up here?

Talking about the evolution, it is enough to make the first step, and then the second … so the ascent begins. The opposite is also true. You do the first step to change yourself, then the second … and then you find yourself on the Earth in the unconsciousness state of mind … But this is a lyrical digression.

Exploring this Universe

Restoring ourselves after the initial “shock”, we caught a strange signal coming from the dense layers of this World and we tried to understand its meaning and somehow understand what kind of vibration it was. I’m using the word “shock” in the context of a “surge of electricity” traveling through the body (electric shock)

We have never experienced such vibrations; even remotely, it wasn’t like anything else we felt before. Naturally, we decided that we needed to understand this area of Universe and explore its features.

It was necessary to understand other features of this strange universe, so that there were enough things to do. Most of the Beings around us were nice to us, but we understood that many of them weren’t telling us the “whole story”, they were hiding something inside.

The weirdest thing in this Universe was the fact that the openness was not welcomed at all, to say the least. It was a common feature of this World and generally of this Universe.

At our Home World, the informational exchange is made easy and in order to clarify something, you can simply send a package of experience, sensations or information. That’s it. Pretty straight forward. The Beings are open to each other and it is immediately clear who is who.

Here we were faced with closeness. Everywhere. There are many closed spaces. There are many “closed” Beings.

Any attempt to obtain the information is considered an intrusion.  Generally everyone is satisfied with what the Being itself wants to show. Especially in this Universe.

There are closed spaces with limited access: some of them let us in, some not. The set of curved spaces. Solid boundaries. Everywhere.

At first it was not clear why the Beings were being closed, but when we were attacked by someone who wanted to “split a piece” from us, we began to understand more. No harm was done to us, because the mantle worked, but we got an energy surge. There was a feeling that being “open” was not worth it.

Changes to our space and our mantle

We made the first change by folding our mantle and by placing inside another space within us, and then the second change was in the “condensation” of our boundaries. Our shells became thicker.

The first reason for this change was the fact that our energies have already caused much more discomfort amongst Beings in this universe that some of them just tried to disappear and not come back into contact with us again.

The second reason: we realized that we have something to hide: we’ve caused too much curiosity as the Beings, in general, and as newcomers in particular. We had to understand this and rebuild our shells so that they would convert our energies into qualities more familiar for these spaces

Inside we were the same, nothing has changed. We only changed the energy background from the outside. Our emanations have become more “adapted” to this “terrain”. This caused some inconvenience, but if we only knew that this was nothing in compare to what lies ahead!

Our local “guides”

As I already mentioned, there was a couple next to us that followed us everywhere. They were something like “guides” for us in this universe. The guides we did not ask for and who were not invited.

This couple were very strange: at first we did not even realize that these were parts of one Being. We thought that it was the male and female aspects of different Beings with a very similar energy structure.

They were always next to each other and we never saw them as the whole Being. On top of that they were in different spaces and the space of the male aspect had a slightly different structure and was different from the female one.

It was strange and unusual for us, because in Our World, the Beings do not separate spaces and, in fact, they have only one single space between them.

In the other worlds entering the Worlds ring (and this is true for This World), each Being has an individual space allocated to the Being, but it is unbelievable that two different spaces are located inside one Being!

We’ve seen this “phenomenon” only in this universe, and only here have we learned what loneliness is.

We already started to feel it slightly… We are the holistic Being and for us the loneliness, as such, never existed. The energy of Love within us was constantly in motion and the interaction of the male and female aspects never ceased.

The love energy in our World

I would like to explain the difference of the love energy in this World which has some different features.

In Our World, the energy of Love is born from the interaction of the male and female aspects of the Being. Since the Beings are open, this energy pours out into space and interacts with other Beings, with the space and other energies.

There is a difference between these love energies but at the same time it is the same energy that has a single nature.

It is necessary for everyone and at the same time, sufficient; it permeates everything and is constantly born and renewed. This energy pours into the space of the Worlds ring, soaking it and pouring out into the spaces of the Worlds.

The difference of this World is that the love energy is also born from the male and female aspects interaction (this is true for everyone), this energy is necessary but it is not sufficient.

The lighter densities are “feeding” this world with the love energies as this World doesn’t have enough energy inside itself. This is not quite easy to perceive, even to this day.

I believe that this is because of the huge amount of energy leakage from this World and this issue requires more careful study (which will be covered in another story).

Another feature of the love energy in this World is that the energy that flows, and is born within one Being, is different from the love energy that Beings are exchanging between themselves and with the surrounding space and even other Beings.

This energy looked similar but had some different quality, depending on the individual Being and on the situation. The love energies that Beings in this universe exchange, in addition to everything else, differ from the energies that come here from the Source of Love.

Therefore, the Love here is so diverse and at times has a different nature. This is the sign of the division.

Our communication with our mentors and loneliness

But I digress, getting back to the loneliness. We had constant communication within ourselves between male and female aspects, as well as constant contact with our spiritual mentors. We had (so called) “online broadcasts” with them all the time.

We sent them packages with our experience and with all the information about what we saw, and we received their advice and support in return.

But in this environment we were alone. We did not fit perfectly here and we felt isolated. We were missing our friends from Our World so much, our “classmates” and friends who went to explore other worlds!

We so lacked the previous openness! In this universe, despite many contacts, it was always this sense of loneliness and we felt the vibrational difference’s here but, in the end, we came here to work and knew perfectly well that it would not be easy, we were ready for this.

We learned a lot of new things but the new experience was not that positive.  In fact, it was quite the contrary. We saw incomprehensible emotions, incomprehensible attitudes and strange fears; at times we observed really disturbing things!

On top of that we could not to return to our Home World, our Source of Love, as often as we wanted as it was far and quite difficult.

We had to deploy spaces of different levels around us as we moved up and down, and the adaptation of the crystal of consciousness each time on its return to this universe, was not that easy to do on such a round trip all the time.

As a result, we decided not to return home until the end of our work here and until we figured out everything that happens in this universe and particularly on Earth itself. All energy-informational exchange with our World started to be “online”.

Exploring the Earth’s features

So, back to the Earth. We asked our “guides” about this point of space which caused us this incomprehensible state and what kind of “point of space” it was. We were told that this is an experimental place, a special project, and it affects lower vibrations more than anywhere else, spreading to the largest densities.

There, all Beings obtain a special experience, and many beings begin their “ascent” from there. It was more than surprising for us that beings are created in such densities.

We never saw anything like that before. We assumed that on the Earth there are Beings that cannot be contacted because of the difference in vibrations, but we were assured that, on the contrary, there are many Beings with high vibrations and there are Beings from other worlds too.

We were surprised at how we could be in similar vibrations without collapsing but we were told that the experience is different and that development through such vibrations goes much faster than in places where there are no such vibrations.

In addition, there is always an adaptation and this is not the only interesting vibration there. We asked if they were in the Earth’s spaces themselves, but they answered that they came very close and observed, and also told that the Beings there on the Earth have dense bodies for better experience, and the unfolding of their potential.

We asked if there are those who lay spaces from lighter dimensions to the created essence, but we were told that there is no need for it and that on Earth the Being itself chooses a reference point and does not need its potentials.

In general, there is complete freedom to choose the path of development of the young Being and everyone can choose the spaces and dimensions, together with the development direction. It was completely incomprehensible to us – how a young Being, that does not have a beacon and a landmark inside in the form of the potential of spaces enclosed in it from lighter dimensions, can choose the path of development and evolve.

It was so strange, because we knew that only small numbers of souls left the borders of this universe and the borders of this World in the process of its evolution.

Conflicting information

Something did not adapt here, it was 2 different pieces of information.

One came from our own experience and was based of the universe reports, and the other was based hypothetically on some unique experience and rapid development model through dense bodies and additionally through such strong and strange vibrations.

Observing the Earth, we saw that a lot of spatial distortions emanate from there, spatial waves are coming, spatial cells move, transferring these waves to lighter dimensions, we saw how energy bursts threw the Earth, how energetically-informational storms are born and how they spread, giving a resonance in all the dimensions of this universe and all over this World.

This tiny point in the Earth had, without any doubt, a much greater impact on the universe than we at first thought. It was obvious. We met Beings that left the Earth. They were negligible, compared to the overpopulation that was present there.

Everything was very unusual compared to where we came from. The space was enough for everyone in our Home World and the Beings could be, and create, without interfering with each other. The Beings could manifest themselves in all variety of options.

There was also another thing. The Beings that left the Earth (at least those whom we met, although I can’t say for every single one) were unusually closed and hid from everyone their own inner world.

They did not want to communicate at all, unfolding their spatial corridors, in a hurry to leave the Earth. Each time when we tried to get in touch, we ran into “walls”.

We saw that these were Beings of a higher range of vibrations, which were “evacuated” through spatial corridors in enclosed spaces. We could see this because these spaces were visible to us and familiar to us however, these spaces were invisible to the locals.

Our decision to approach the Earth

In the end, we have accumulated a lot of questions and we had to deal with it. We discussed with our spiritual mentors the possibility to approach the Earth and enter its space in order to understand what causes such strong spatial and energy distortions, and basically to clarify the situation on the spot.

No one insisted we do so but we ourselves thought it’s possible and we wanted to look closer and understand better.

Our mentors were not sure whether we should do this or whether our minds can function normally in this space.

The decision was taken. Our channel of communication with the Home Absolute was strengthened, and we also had a channel of direct communication with our mentors.

Our mantle was energetically strengthened within installed program. This program was meant to send necessary information to our Home if the amount of pollution of our spaces and energies is too high, or if the process of destruction begins.

According to this signal, an additional energy should have come from the Absolute to stop the process of destruction and purification of our internal spaces.

A similar program was duplicated in the Absolute to replace our program in the mantle, if something happens to it. We were in full preparation. Our mentors insisted on this preparation. We were self-assured too, but if we only knew how many times this will save us in the future…

Our path continued as we approached the space of the Earth…

To be continued


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