Our Way To The Earth – Part 1


We are a single Soul with two aspects – male and female. The male name is FENNIX and  the female is FENIX. The full name of our entire Soul in spaces of This World sounds like FENNIX with focus on double “N”, and this sound coincides with the name of the male aspect.

These names reflect our spiritual multidimensional being in spaces of This World. They sound a little differently inside Our Home World and outside The Ring of Worlds.

The sense remains the same, but the sounding changes. I guess it can’t be spoken in earthly language, there are not any of these vibrations and sounds here.


We are from a group of “Originators-Creators” who are masters of working with spaces of any density (levels). We have perfect knowledge of that. We visited different Worlds helping and teaching to work with spaces of different density and building special spaces that can be called “Temples” on earthly language. By means of those special spaces, Home Absolute’s energy pours into each particular World or the Universe and fills them.


Whole races could meet for collective actions that may be called a pray in spaces of those Temples (a pray like a communion with the Creator). Essentially, the single field of Love is created through those prays and thus there is an exchange and cooperation between Universes and Worlds.

These spaces of Temples have a stable room that can both sustain high vibrations and receive high vibrations beings who can “come down” from more high levels of communication. This is the most harmonious way to line up channels of communication with the Absolute, exactly through these Temples.

In fact, it has been our specialty here, in the spaces. That is why we needed our luminous mantle to stabilize the spaces in Temples of lower density (levels) than ours.

We are also indirectly involved in the creation of souls inside lower dimension (density) than ours because we are Originators-Creators, however, we are not Creators in its original sense.

Groups of Creators

Generally, souls are created by groups of Creators, however, we work with space areas in general and spatial cells in particular.

Firstly, when the process of creating a soul has been started, it is allocated the space area for the soul before the moment a crystal of a consciousness, different kind of energies, different matrices and other structures (it may be called codes) will be placed there.

We put spatial cells from higher density (from subtler space) into that space area where it is planned to create souls, giving them potential to be able to spread themselves out in a process of evolving and coming to subtler space because in this case, they will have some adaptation to the space that is supposed to be the part of them.

These spatial cells that are included within a personal space of the soul are the kind that is a beacon and a vector of future development of the soul. It is the inner potential of these souls, like the understanding of an inner direction of development. Although any soul can change the direction of its own development, having the will (or under definite circumstances) begins to appear, so the soul can request other spatial structures (with other quality of space).

That is our distant past. Everything was in harmony until we came into This World.

The problem of This World was that signals from the denser dimensions hadn’t gone as good as it must be… bad communication.

There were many errors, omissions, and failures, especially in certain areas of the space. Sometimes connections between beings just disappeared, sometimes beings disappeared themselves.

There was nothing like that in other Worlds. Some beings went to This World to restore communication (they all had other specialization) and disappeared without a trace.

We and our mentors knew This World had more densities than others (so it is quite “heavy”) and thought that fact was the reason for the loss of signals. We could not even imagine that a being could be lost!

It was not clear for us what is the structure of the spaces and the peculiarities, also what was the cause of troubles and interferences. Not one of us even suspected what was happening there!

Another reason for researching those spaces was that a progress of souls in this World was rather slow and it was sharply different from situations in others Worlds.

The evolution of souls was especially slow in one particular spatial area (as it turned out – in Our Universe) and there was a large “overpopulation” by all indicators yet despite this fact there was a very small percentage of souls who were able to go beyond This World.

Some of those, who went through this way of evolution and in This World was a little “strange”. It was not about those who “came down there” but of who exactly was created there and had no experience in others Worlds.

Since we were not beginners and had some working experience in different densities, a joint decision was made to send us to check the nature and structure of spaces of This World and, if necessary, to restore that structure and quality, to find a source of distortions.

Our candidacy was approved precisely because firstly we were some kind of “pioneers” and we were specially trained for non-standard situations and conditions. Secondly, our name has a more increased protection.

Exactly pioneers have names like that: with the great harmony between male and female name, so these vibrations find each other much faster in the situation of a possible separation.

Our mentors had already possessed information about the duality in This World and beings there can divide into both male and female aspects, and may even be in different spatial areas. We were theoretically prepared for such situations.

Outside This World – it is unheard of if a female aspect is in one space and a male aspect is in the other one!

For example, the female aspect may be in This Universe but the male one may be beyond. Besides, they can do it willfully! Thirdly, the name of our Single Soul in This World sounds exactly like the male name and that fact provides additional protection and strength.

Though, it was not clear why and from whom to guard against. Our mantle was also strengthened by the fact that we could have a bigger resource on site, so to speak. So, as we had all that equipment and we started this “business trip”.

This World

This World did not entertain us but it was not hostile, no, just beings who lived here did not feel any particular joy from our appearance. Only here we realized that our energies can cause inconvenience to surrounding beings.

It was more than strange. (Commentary: only recently I understood why: we were imbued with the energy of Unity and carried Unity wherever we appeared because Unity is our essence.

Duality and separation rule This World, and the energy of Unity bears inside itself the “death” for duality and for any separation as such). In spaces of This World, we partially had to change and fold our energies (we have folded our mantle and it became invisible.

Our mantle could be unfolded, used and visible only if urgent necessity. We had put it in the spatial cells of our Home World, and it became invisible to the beings who have not been in those dimensions, where we were created from). That was the first change of ourselves.

After appearing in This World, we watched all that was happening and helped beings to work with spaces. Nothing special, it was the same that we did everywhere.

But we also observed that it was here that we saw with our own eyes exactly how the male aspects can be without female ones and vice versa. We have never seen such things at all.

We never imagined seeing twin flames separately. It was more than strange, but they explained it by the fact that: while their twin flame was working in denser dimensions then they should stay outside of dense dimensions for help and holding an extended picture of perception so they have to remain outside. Such beings were from one Universe (ours).

This Universe

They were going outside This Universe and planning on coming back again. Sometimes they visited others Universes. In general, This Universe was the eighth, that fact was also strange (there were only seven Universes in the others Worlds).

That Universe emitted pretty strange energies, very strange… Communication with that area of space was particularly hard because This Universe had a bad connection outside and inside, sometimes it sent out strange and contradictory signals. So to go there it was purely a personal decision. We had informed our mentors and then we went. Here it began strange things!

First of all, this Universe was full of beings in “mantles” of different shapes and sizes! Those “mantles” looked like ours and resembled our mantle (that was hidden), but it had the other structure of energies which sharply differed from ours.

Their mantles were made only of the energies of a being, sometimes even from energies of several beings or one’s the “mantle” could be made of absolutely other being’s energies. When we asked what role these “mantles” play, we got an answer that mantle showed the rank of a being and it is called “Status”.

Some beings of This Universe accepted us with great mistrust and caution (we just were without a mantle!). We were informed they cope here themselves and also have a lot of specialists for working with spaces.

On top of this, they let us know about our energies, to the point that it is indecent to flaunt here in such sizes of own energies as we do. That was a kind of that here everyone folds their energy to “normal” size, but we are “tough eggs”, “show off” and brandish everywhere our energies in a full extent.

At long last, we were informed that our Unity strains disturb everyone because we were Single Soul and did not separate for searching of spaces, like crowds of others beings did here.

It was explained to us that it is much more effective to work separately (when the female aspect is separated from the male one) because the work goes twice as fast and it gives the possibility to collect more diverse information, not to mention it is easier and much more interesting for getting new experiences.

This was extremely strange for us as we knew that having split Twin Flames apart, results where they immediately lost their potential.

We were also asked where we came from which we tried to tell but yet they did not believe. Many beings thought we were from the nearest Universe.

They then attempted the “splitting off small pieces from us” started to understand kind of our energies and what, exactly, we were made of. It was the first time here when our mantle suddenly had unfolded – when the first time it had played the role of protect.

We did not even suspect that mantle would work in these spaces and in this way. One day a fiery flame broke out from us, swept up around us and, after dropping onto our shoulders, closed around us.

That situation terrified other beings and from which we learned the first time, what the energy of horror looked like. It was not clear for us why our energy, an energy of Unity, was so frightened to the beings who lived here.

After that, we were made welcome even more than we thought we would be -an expected (apparently our mantel looked like a high Status) we immediately made “friends” with who intended to help us to adapt to that spaces and show everything here.

One of the “friends” was a couple who accompanied us everywhere and they were very interested what and how was “upstairs”.

Once in process of scanning and exploring the spaces of This Universe we received a signal from somewhere from far away, from the deepness.

It was a very unusual signal and those vibrations were unknown for us before. That signal caused our state of alarm and a discord in our vibrations.

At that moment and time, our mantle was activated with the balance of energies was restored, however, that drove off our attention.

There were few signals from there and they were strange, more than strange. That was how we learned about the Earth. But that is another story.

To be continued…

With love FENNIX.

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