Derek’s Fairytale “Broken Magic Dreams”

Once upon a time, there was a love. A love that lived forever. The love didn’t remember when and where it was born. Love always was. The love was a soul and the soul was a love. Does anybody know what first came to be?

Once in a fairy-tale faraway land, in a land of magic dreams, there lived a fairytale prince. He commanded wild winds, reigned over the clouds. He lighted up of the stars and played with the noisy waters of seas. The purest water of rivers flowed to the seas, and the winds sang magic melodies. There was neither fear nor pain or tears in that fairyland.

Flying hand-raised dragons played together with white unicorns, little fairies were friends with great giants, firebirds brought warmth and created amazing harmonies. There was no sun, no moon in that faraway land, but it was replete with light because everyone was filled with love. A gentle breeze blew from the sea, making inspiration flow all around. There was no night in that fairy-tale land. Only good and love ruled in that faraway land. The night never came down, nobody knew darkness, but only the bright light of the love gave joy to everyone.

One day, however, a treacherous being perfidiously appeared. The wild unknown who kills like a knife. The wild one came up from a land of night, the land that does not know the light of the day, to take away power from the fairy enchanting hands. The bright wings of fairy fairies were discoloured, unicorns turned into poor ordinary horses and the white, wonderful dragons were killed. The treacherous nihilism pierced the heart of the fairy-tale prince and the wild one shed prince’s blue blood down and mixed winds and flows of rivers. The wild unknown extinguished the winged fairy-tale firebirds and burned the land with fire. The magic rivers were dried and salt was taken from the seas, the great giants died, the bright magic colours grew dim and faded like an ash. The magical small ashes danced in the wind from the last breath of the fairy-tale prince and disappeared in the twilight.

Look what they did to me… I can’t, I can’t come back to my faraway land of magic fairy-tale dreams…

Magic ashes danced in the wind from the latest breath of the fairytale prince. The ashes disappeared, but the charming prince did not die. He merely fell asleep – and that was the sleep of the man who was struck in his heart. Nobody will see his snow-white pearly smile that was shone for everyone. Nobody will hear how the wild winds follow the movements of his magic enchanting hands. The land of his magic dreams was disappearing with him, the magic was melting, leaving a bitter aftertaste.

In a faraway land of white fluffy clouds, far away from everyone, a beautiful fairy princess lived. The crystal-clear princess was light as a feather, and she lived in the world of her sweet dreams. The winds weaved her clothes from the rainbow, the bright stars shone in her hair, magic hands built the cloudy castles of sweet dreams, and her feet were shod in the magic winged sandals adorned with cloudy lace and heavenly pearls. Her cloudy castles were so beautiful, her dreams were so perfect, and her thoughts were pure like the crystal waters of mountain rivers.

She lived alone in her fairyland of perfect cloudy dreams. The fairytale princess was too busy with her cloudy castles to feel lonely. She was building air cloudy castles they look like weightless rainbow-bright clouds. Those cloudy castles did not live long they disappeared and appeared in her tender magic hands over and over.

One day in her faraway fairyland of sweet dreams the magic ashes dancing in the wind appeared. They brought her the last breath and the kiss of the fairy prince. They gave her those enchanting flavours of the magic dreams of the faraway charming prince. They reminded her about love. They told her about the wild treachery that invaded into that fairy tale land and destroyed it. The magic cloud castles of the princess disappeared, and the pearly tears rained down from her beautiful eyes. The winds quieted down waiting for the orders of their queen, the clouds turned into a haze drawing the illusive tracery of her thoughts.

A fairytale white princess put a magical ash into her heart and asked to point the way to that faraway land of the magic dreams to find and wake the charming prince. She looked for him in above and beneath, in the light and the darkness. There were storms she flew through, avoiding the flash of lightning and thunder-fire. She defied the laws of nature and came out alive. She passed through the deepness of the space. She survived, she didn’t disappear she didn’t die. She got there.

The magical ash led her right to the heart of a fairytale prince, to his land of disappearing dreams, where the seas were dried up and there was no salt on the sand, the fairies and dragons disappeared, the wild winds died down and the light of the day turned into a fading. The fairytale prince lay on the stone cold floor, sinking into black icy melancholy, his deep sadness was turning him into a stone, and only his heart still gleamed with the gentle light of the hope. He was slowly dying in a lonely sleep when the lightest magic kiss touched his brow. His big and tender heart flared up with the fire of love again and he opened his eyes.

He recalled the fairytale white princess from his perfect dreams, he recalled her with those shining stars in her hair, he recalled those of her winged sandals. He recalled what he had long dreamed of. Suddenly, magic fiery wings burst opened behind him flashing with bright light. He picked up his white princess and they were swept away by the magic dance of love that was known by nobody but them. Their hearts were occupied with their magic melody of love.

They danced, enjoying their eternity dreaming to dance forever.

He wanted to take her far to his land of magical fairytale dreams, but that fabulous faraway country was disappeared. The white princess’s cloudy castles disappeared as well. There was no place for them in this unending universe. And so they looked at the Earth together. That was a place full of colours, flavours and sounds. They would like to bring there their love, their infinite eternal love, giving birth to everything. They quickly headed down, overcoming space and time, plunging into the coolness of the unknown Earth.

“Where are you, my love?” – new-born baby cried with all his might. “I am here. I hear you, I love you,” – the other screamed out as well.

The king of wild winds came down to The Earth to find his white queen of clouds. Love is not born on the Earth, so it comes from the world of magical fairytale dreams to light our path, and then love goes away to the faraway worlds together with souls which never die. Because love can’t die, it lasts forever. When this is blown over end everything’s all pass away, but love will live forever because love is the beginning and the ending of everything.

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