Compaction of the Events

Translator – Bayrta Fayvilevich

Editor – RIYE

Latest Social Networks publications

Greetings to those who live in the NEW EARTH. I want to light up the situation on Earth, especially in connection with the latest publications on the social networks.

People love rumors, different fears and unusual interpretations of phenomena … here on Earth, they are accustomed to mystify everything and envelop the mystery.

Me myself, I do not like myths (well, if only as a study of an old story), but I always look for an inner resonance and meaning in information, what is in the environment etc. and only then do I take all of this into consideration.

Naturally, the Earth’s spaces affect everyone who is here and many already want to understand what is happening and why, also what to do in unfolding situations.

Real Situation on Earth

The fact is that on Earth the energies are changing and there is a process of unfolding and unpacking of such information by the beings. Parasitic systems disintegrate, egregores lose “subscribers” then these spaces are cleared and beings have the opportunity to disclose their energies, change their being around.

People raise their eyes upwards to the light and remember Their Home; they share love and fill these spaces with harmony. Yes, it does happen and it’s happening right now. Who wants to see, will see.

The Earth accepts the energies coming from the higher planes, it accepts because earlier they poured out too (albeit in smaller amounts), but the spaces were unprepared, the beings too, few wanted to accept love and many simply did not understand how to do it. Just like children who forgot who they are…

Now the situation is changing and in many respects due to the beings that are here on Earth, of those who want to change and who are looking for themselves, their essence, which do not stop and start in every step to be oneself.

There are many of them, much more much than you may have thought previously. At the same time, there are those who do not want to change anything and remain where they are, who resist the changes because they bring inconvenience.

There are also those who are in captivity of programs and destructive ideas, and also in captivity of illusions.

Change of Energy

These people will feel the tension and pressure, even fears of coming energies. They will feel a loss of stability and balance, however this is normal.

Also, those who are seeking to know themselves and the world around them, who are in the process of disclosing their energies but yet may experience tensions in the transition of quantity to quality.

This means that at the stage of energy stabilization and at the stage of mastering a new experience (as well as the previously “open and unpacked”), there may be a feeling of some kind of stagnation which is then accompanied by tension and pressure (feeling like a crystallization has formed of their knowledge, memory and experience) which leads the individual to change and develop themselves (as it pushes them out of their comfort zone) in order to move on, so that this pressure does not crush them.

This may be unusual but if you are moving it does not matter whether it is slowly or quickly, then a qualitative jump will occur and the marker for this is just pressure & tension.

So this should only be rejoicing. The process is this: you feel at first stagnant, like a hovering, weightlessness & stillness. Then this stagnation brings tension, perhaps even fears (of a perceived misunderstanding of what is happening).

There can be a feeling of tension and the impossibility of getting rid of it, as if an unknown force is squeezing situations and circumstances, almost to the point of causing a feeling of claustrophobia.

The same would apply as for those who do not want to change. So how do you understand what exactly is happening to you? Where is the difference?

The difference is that the one who stands on the threshold of the transition of the quantity of the disclosed potential into quality, into the eventuality and realization of a new level, a new reality of the being of the embodied person who, with an deep inner peace and understanding inside the essential energies, internally understands everything that is going on… it’s right that anxiety and fears are just a reaction to a change of energy.

These people have an inner reality that resonates with the surrounding new energies and gives a new insight into themselves and their being.

Those who stop will receive fear and tension as a result of the lack of an inner core which is usually formed from the experience and potential that is revealed.

This is just the fear of destruction and self-destruction, though I guess that it’s not about those who are now reading this.

Way to Home

So we need to rejoice at the coming changes and not be afraid of them because the new energies for the NEW EARTH PEOPLE are the way home, to where we all come from, where we are loved and expected.

So we continue the way to ourselves, to our HEAVEN.

I embrace everyone.


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